I have missed the Friday Fictioneers community in recent weeks, due mainly to lack of inspiration and a lost muse! However, after my previous post, thanks to some very kind messages of support from Erin, Dawn, Ruth and John, that basically told me to ‘just get on and write’ I have a story;  a memoir prompted by Sandra’s photo this week.

Thanks as always to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for organising the prompts and supporting all the writers, and this week to Sandra Cook for her lovely photograph.

28 February

Genre: Memoir

Word Count: 100


I remember.

‘Come on up. You can do it!’

I struggle, balancing on fat bales. My grandfather pulls me up and drops me on the hay.  I pick bits of straw from my unruly hair then scramble forward to watch Joe start the tractor.

The sun is warm on my back, the air is still. I feel hot, the straw scratches my legs and they itch.  My father waves his shirt to me from the open gate, he is laughing, happy.

At the farmhouse, my mother and grandmother wait with warm scones fresh from the oven…

That summer, long ago.


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To help with my personal reboot, I have also changed the appearance of my blog. There are a few glitches to iron out, but I hope you like the new layout.


46 thoughts on “Hayride

  1. Nice to have you back, Dee, and the new blog layout looks great. To make it easier to see where the story ends and the personal part begins, you could put some ************* in the center. That’s what I usually do. Works well. I like the story. I have similar memories of the farm only my grandmother made the world’s best cinnamon rolls. I’m the first in my family to make scones. 🙂



    • Thank you Janet. Cinnamon rolls are delicious, tasted them for the first time when we visited California years ago. It has taken a while, but we now have them over here too!
      I’ll try the ********** it does need something, Paul made a similar comment .
      Good to be back


  2. Lovely descriptions Dee. I felt I was right there, and reminded me of a tractor ride I went on as a kid (that I’d forgotten about until now… even after staring at Sandra’s photo for an hour last night trying to come up with inspiration!)


    • Thank you Jessie, good to hear from you and I’m pleased you liked it. I have spent the last few weeks struggling with lack of inspiration, but as people have kindly reminded me – just get on and write and don’t think too much!. Their advice seems to have worked for me.


      • That’s right. I’m someone who prefers to have a story clear in my head before writing, but with exercises like this that’s not always possible. Sometimes you just have to get on with it and write!


  3. Ah, I remember that summer when I was really into nostalgia. (Drum roll, exit stage left.). This was actually a very sweet remembrance, darling, and yes, it’s lovely to see you.


    • Dear Rochelle
      I’m glad to be back. I don’t know what happens, but occasionally I doubt that I have anything to say that folks want to read. Thanks for your comment as always.


  4. I enjoyed the imagery, and the warmth and nostalgia of that memory–very pretty! This is my first time on your site, so I’m not sure what it looked like before, but this is a nice layout. I read your previous post, and agree with those who commented on it. I also grew up loving to write, but just stopped writing creatively for several years. Now I’m getting into it again, 100 words at a time. I’m happy that you’re writing again, because it’s obvious you’re good at it!


    • What a lovely comment, thank you so much. I think the redo was necessary and reflected my mood and the need to start again, it seems to have worked.
      I’m glad you liked the layout and also that you are writing again, it’s good news!


  5. A very nice job at making us “experience” that memory with you, Dee.
    I’ve been sort of off-and-on with FF myself. Just too many other jobs to get done, I think. But I agree that, as often as possible, we need to just “keep writing.” I teach creative writing classes, and I always encourage my students to begin blogs and get involved in these kinds of challenges and exercises. It’s some of the best experience they can get.


    • Thank you Sandra, I’m pleased you liked my ‘memoir’
      I have found that work constantly interferes with my writing, but as you say I just need to keep on writing.
      Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and encouragement, it is much appreciated.


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