Moonlight on The Ebro

I thought I wasn’t going to make it again this week – apologies to Doug for missing his very intriguing photo prompt last week.  I have been attending a conference in Italy – no, it was not lovely, nor was I lucky.  The trip went something like this – 2 hour drive – 2.5 hour flight – 2 hours on a bus – 3 hour conference – half hour bus ride – 3.5 hour dinner (no time to change after arriving) 1 hour to hotel – 6 hours sleeping – 1 hour working breakfast – 3 hours of meetings – 2 hours on a bus – 2.5 hour flight back – 2 hour drive back home.

Are you exhausted?  I was!

Thanks this week to Bjorn Rudberg for the photo prompt and as always to Rochelle for brilliantly shepherding the Friday Fictioneers into some semblance of order each week.

24 April

For some reason, I saw Spanish Civil War…

Genre: Historical fiction

Word Count:100

Moonlight on The Ebro

I remember.

The Ebro shimmered in the moonlight, unimpressed by our consuming passion. We lay holding each other so tight, we could scarcely breathe. The Brigade left quietly, at daybreak.

I taste the saltiness of tears and open my eyes. The music of the street floats in through faded shutters, it stirs memories of ‘Viva la Quinta Brigada’ your anthem, our song.

I am old, tired. I’ve waited a lifetime for my passionate fighter, mi amante.

In the cool evening air, I feel again the pressure of your strong arms. I fall freely, as I did all those years ago.



For more information on the Spanish Civil War and of the men who went to fight against fascism in Spain –  The International Brigade




29 thoughts on “Moonlight on The Ebro

    • Thank you Janet. As I mentioned to Rochelle, I think I’m getting too old for these whistle stop trips, certainly very tiring.

      Enjoy your Sunday



  1. Dear Dee,

    It’s all about what you see. Lovely story, full of emotion and the video was the perfect exclamation point.

    I hope there was something good about your conference. It sounds grueling and I hope your resting from it.




    • Dear Rochelle

      Thank you for your kind comments. I enjoyed writing this. Historical fiction gives you the opportunity to write about the past from different perspectives, can see why it’s your favourite genre.

      I have got over the hectic journey, think I’m getting too old for these trips!!!

      Enjoy your Sunday



  2. beautiful how you introduced the story… “The Ebro shimmered in the moonlight, unimpressed by our consuming passion….” and how you ended it with the video. lovely story. and i’m glad that you were able to make it this week 🙂


  3. Dee, I agree that if history was taught with lovely stories like this, it would be much more interesting. The music clip fit it perfectly. Glad to hear your getting rested from your hectic trip. Well done. 🙂



    • Susan
      Thank you for your kind comments, so pleased you liked the story. The trip seems ages ago now and it was more hectic than any of the others, or so it seems.
      It is good to hear from you, thank you for stopping by.


  4. Lovely, especially ‘We lay holding each other so tight, we could scarcely breathe.’
    There is a beautiful, gentle, poetic rhythm to the whole story – Maybe it’s the calm after the storm of your hectic trip!


  5. Dear Dee, I love your story and the “anthem” as our song was so moving. Very romantic! I enjoyed the Pete Seeger music too! I’ll read more on the Spanish Civil War. Thank you so much! Nan 🙂


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