Peaceful – Sunday Post

My post is a bit late this week, but here are a few peaceful places and you can see more of the Sunday Post here at Jake’s blog

20120324-145302.jpgA peaceful spot

Peaceful pool

The first photo was taken in Butchart Gardens, just outside Victoria BC,  the other two are in the grounds of the hotel we stayed at in “peaceful Las Vegas” – strange but true.  I hope you like them 🙂

Vacation in Las Vegas & electing a President


This is the view from the window of our hotel in Las Vegas. We were here last 25 years ago, my husband had heard so much about the changes that had taken place during that time that he has spent ages planning a return trip.

Well, the city has certainly changed and grown since we saw it last, but apart from the dazzling lights and razzmatazz of The Strip there’s a lot of buzz here about the forthcoming election.

The buzz we have got has mostly been from taxi drivers who are very keen to tell us how they feel.

One summed up what most of them had told us, “the politicians all shaft the working man, so best vote for the one who will shaft us the least.” (He said his vote was for Obama).

I laughed with him at what he told us, but reflected that I could have been talking with a taxi driver back home, or anywhere else in the world for that matter. The sentiment would have been the same.

I will watch the results with interest and be thinking of Joe the taxi driver, he will be working but listening to his radio.