I’ve been nominated for an Award

I have been nominated for the BookerAward by Chelsea at http://thejennymacbookblog.wordpress.com

I  have to confess that I don’t know anything about it or its legitimacy, but I’m thrilled that she nominated me.

Without further ado and in the spirit of sharing nice things with my WordPress blogging community, here are the rules:

1. Nominate 5-10 bloggers and let them know

2. Post the BookerAward pic – ( hope it’s the right one)

3. Share your top 5 books of all time.

My nominees are:








My top 5 books has been a diffcult decision, but here they are:

Katherine – Anya Seton

Mrs Dalloway – Virginia Wolf

To Serve Them All My Days – R F Delderfield

Labyrinth – Kate Mosse

Not That Sort of Girl – Mary Wesley


Have a great weekend 🙂



Staying Young

1. Enjoy the simple things

2.Laugh often, enjoy your life

3.If  you are wrong, admit it

4. Tears happen but you WILL endure

5. Keep learning new things don’t let your brain get idle, keep it working

6. Look after yourself, eat sensibly, exercise regularly

7. Tell the ones you love that you love them, every chance you get

8. Only keep friends who are cheerful – you don’t need the miserable ones

9. Don’t envy others – you have all you need

10. Love yourself, if you do, others will too

Life is not a dress rehearsal, seize it with both hands and enjoy it

Delicious Rocky Road ice cream ♥

The Recipe

7oz tin of condensed milk

1oz cocoa powder

8fl oz double cream

4 fl ozs milk

1tsp vanilla extract

1 oz mini marshmallows

Put the condensed milk and cocoa powder into a medium saucepan and cook stirring, over a low heat, till the mixture is smooth and slightly thickened. Remove from the heat and allow to cool down a little. Stir in the cream, milk and vanilla and stir well.  Put mixture into the fridge until quite cold.

If you have an ice cream maker, pour mixture in, then freeze/churn according to the manufacturer’s instructions.  Add the marshmallows halfway through the freezing process

If you don’t  have an ice cream maker, pour the mixture into a  metal bowl (this helps to speed up the freezing process). Place in the freezer for 30 mins, remove and beat with an electric mixer until smooth, making sure any ice crystals that have formed are broken up; return to freezer for 40 mins, then remove and beat again with mixer, repeat the “40 minute freeze & beat cycle” three times, this should give you a total of 2½ hours freezing time.  Add the marshamallows after about 2 hours so that they don’t all fall to the bottom of the mixure.

This recipe makes enough for four servings.

If you prefer a Rockier Road add 1oz of either chopped walnuts or pecans with the marshmallows.

Top with melted chocolate or your favourite chocolate sauce

Enjoy! ♥