Towards the end of 2012, I joined a great group of people writing Flash Fiction under the banner of “Friday Fictioneers”. It was started by Madison Woods, who in turn handed over the baton to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.

I enjoy the challenge of using only 100 words and have learned a lot from some very inspiring and supportive people. Here are some of my stories.

ShroudedCity GirlCora’s GameGran’s AngelDanger From AboveJar of Happiness

The VisitorCoffee LoversLight Blue TouchpaperLost YearsAlways and Forever

Flying AwayRemembering The SongStill Living at Bankside Farm

A Fresh StartMy GiftWaitingThe Dancing Horse, The Lamplighter, A Family Tree

Hell Raising, Footprints in the Sand, Sweet Revenge, Vincent, Standing Still

The Dress, The Wondrous Heffelumpion, A Role Reversal, Musical Memory Lane

A Story of Love, The Convict, Life’s Cycle, Busy Bees, Mistaken Identity,

Where Trees Are Fallen, The Train, Timeless, A Different Life, 

Not Drowning Just Out of His Depth, Making A Scene, Maggie’s Choice, Falling Apart

Happy Birthday Dad, Jake and the Dolphin, Shabby Love, Hayride, The Island,

The Entertainment, The Games Children Play, We’ll Meet Again, Memories of Another Life

An Uncertain Future, Into The Blue, Seeing The Light, Moonlight on the Ebro

A Very Private Dancer, A Silent Star, No Forks Needed, In Harms Way, Almost A Family

An Invitation, Weed Killer, 10 May 1933, Life Reflected, We Get A Garage, In The Shed

The Lost Chord, Starting Over, Setting The Scene, Weathering Our Storm,



  1. I’d like to finally get going with Friday Fictioneers. Writing is no problem. It’s the other stuff that befuddles me. For example…how do I get the picture of the busy bee onto my post? I’m sure it’s really simple, and I’ve done it before. But it’s been a long, long time. Hope you can help…again. Hugs for your patience…I’m 64 today. Is that an excuse…or not? 🙂


    • Hi hugmamma – great to hear from you.
      I think I mentioned before that you should follow Rochelle ( each week you will get an email from her with the new photo prompt. Right click on the photo, then ‘Save picture as’ and save to a folder on your laptop or pc ( I have a folder called ‘blog pics’ where I save them). When you are ready to write your post, at the place you want to put the photo, click the button ‘Add Media’, then ‘Upload Files’, then ‘Select Files’ and find the photo you want in the folder on your pc. Once you click on the one you want, it is added to your media library, then on the right hand side you will see the photo, you can add a caption and alter the size and then when you are done click ‘Insert into Post’

      Hope this make sense, let me know if you need any more help

      Hope you had a great birthday and that was no excuse by the way!!



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