One Child – for Right2Write Prompt 9 Stop Terrorism

One Child – for Right2Write Prompt 9 Stop Terrorism
Amazing piece, we all should read this


The death of one child
is the death of the world

Sand arising as mother earth
shakes off her despair
and hungers for an artist’s vision there

Reptile brain awakens
flooding the system
with fear and alarm

The eye watching over us
blinking so slowly
means us some harm

The death of one child
is the death of us all

The universe turns
slow and elliptical
creating and recreating itself through pain

Grasping for a victory
or a vengeance creates
blood on blood

Devastation fields
Streets of fallen limbs
Nothing is good

The death of one child
is the death of the world

(c) Helen Valentina 2013, All Rights Reserved

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Make sure the Haitian people get all the benefit

After all the heartbreak, hurt, depravation and terror that the Haitian people have endured these last days, I hope that all the money donated in their name finds its way to them soon and that none of it gets swallowed up in expenses, fees and the like, as has happened so many times to donations made in the past.

The whole world has been moved by their plight and donated willingly to help them; they have nothing, they need everything we can give them, let’s make sure they get it.