Cee’s Oddball Photo Challenge Week 34

Cee’s Oddball Photo Challenge has given me the opportunity to share some photos that otherwise would never have been seen! Here are a couple that are hard to categorise, taken just outside the walls of the beautiful medieval city of Lucca

Statue in Lucca 1

Statue in Lucca 2

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Cee’s Oddball Photo Challenge Week 32 – Up The Creek

Up the Creek


This is a guide to the Creek Street area of Ketchikan in Alaska.  Fascinating place with some interesting history. Married Man’s Trail led over the river and through the woods… but definitely not to grandma’s house!!

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Solitude – photo 101

There was no-one else around when I took this photo of a path onto South Beach.  I walked for a while and sat on the beach, watching the birds wheeling and diving and the clouds floating by and thought it was just heavenly. I think of it still and remember the feeling of peace and solitude.

‘I never found a companion that was so companionable as solitude’ 

Henry David Thoreau