Mature skin

Just been reading about Heaven Skin Care producs and what they can do to help problem skin; even mature, dry skin like mine. I don’t know how I missed them, I have been searching for something to help my skin for ages and believe me, have spent an absolute fortune in the last year, all to no avail.
The last resort was the very expensive facial I had on a recent cruise. The therapist talked at length about my concerns and then used La Therapie products which she said would be good for me. So grateful was I for her help, that I spent a fortune on all she recommended (I can’t even bring myself to type the actual amount I spent)and although my neck is now lovely and smooth, my face is more sensitive than before.
My hopes have been raised by this new range which I have ordered in trial sizes to see if it is what I need – which gets my vote for starters; how many of us have spent lots of our hard earned cash only to throw the magic potion in the bin because it doesn’t do what it says on the jar!


Friends Reunited

Just heard the news that ITV has sold Friends Reunited to the company who owns, so the Genes Reunited part will fit in alongside that quite well. Friends Reunited was one of the first social networking sites, but seems to have lost ground to newer sites such as Facebook and certainly got to look a bit old fashioned in my opinion.

It was a brilliant idea and I certainly used it to find my old school friends, to see what they were up to and where they had ended up. It produced a lot of memories and it was good to catch up with people who had meant so much, when we were all starting out on the road to becoming an adult. I hope it continues and, perhaps like me, it just needs a revamp!!