A long weekend at Updown Cottage

We had talked with friends for ages about going away on a long weekend break for my husband’s birthday; first it was going to be in a log cabin in the Lake District, then we discussed a weekend in Cornwall – always a favourite, then  a weekend in Paris became The One, but as the weeks went by nothing was arranged. Then I saw Updown Cottage and was hooked.  I made an executive decision, the cottage was available, so I booked it!  

Almost at the top of Gold Hill in Shaftesbury, Dorset, with absolutely superb views from practically every window, we all  fell in love with it straight away. The fact that we had seen it loads of times, but never knew where it was, only added to the enjoyment.  OK I’ll explain

 Do you remember the Hovis ad on TV in the 70’s?  If you do, you probably thought, like me, that the little baker’s boy was pushing his bicycle up a steep hill in Yorkshire, when in fact he was struggling to the top of Gold Hill with his basket full of bread.

The cottage has been beautifully renovated, with all available space utilised so well that you have everything you need, including a baby grand piano! The kitchen has all you need to cook to your hearts’ content, but if you don’t feel like cooking, you can order a meal and a chef will come to you! Wonderful idea.

Shaftesbury, an ancient hill town and the “Shaston” of Thomas Hardy’s novels,  is just at the top of the hill. There’s lots to do and see in the surrounding area, just don’t forget your camera as the views are stunning.  I lost count of the “oohs” and ahhs”. 

Jane and Simon, the owners, make sure you have a warm welcome, not least with a basket of goodies from Turnbull’s delicatessen to tempt you. Turnbull’s is only a short walk away, make sure you pay them a visit as they also have a cafe selling their own cakes and pastries, the apple cake is to die for!!

If like us, you have never visited Dorset before, start with Shaftesbury and a stay at Updown Cottage, you won’t regret it

Views of Gold Hill and Blackmore Vale  (Updown Cottage is the one with the shutters)

Now you can watch the Hovis ad again –  http://youtu.be/CFLBvLxLJMI


2 thoughts on “A long weekend at Updown Cottage

    • My pleasure Jane, we had a lovely weekend and haven’t stopped talking about your cottage, it really is the most stunning place to stay. The weather was kind to us, we even had breakfast in the garden!


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