Wedding vows lost in translation?


Should you decide that you want your wedding, or the renewal of wedding vows, to take place somewhere more exotic than the local church or registry office, the sun kissed, palm-fringed, beautiful beaches of the Maldives must score highly under the heading  of paradise on earth.

But, if this is something you are planning or know someone who is, then a word of caution – make sure you know what you are saying “I Do” to!

The news of the couple who thought they were being blessed but instead were  sorely abused by a ranting celebrant, came to light after a video of the renewal of their vows was posted on You Tube; ironically as a joke by an employee of the hotel where the even took place, who obviously never gave a thought to the seriousness of the consequences of his actions.

Sight of the video has caused outrage among the government and hoteliers of the Maldives, reliant as they are on the currency generated by the tourist trade. Apologies have been made to the couple involved, together with an offer of compensation.  Quite right too.

Perhaps, when we go abroad to marry or renew our vows, we should take the relevant translation with us, just to be on the safe side.