Weekly photo challenge Winter…… and a Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone, I wish you health and happiness for 2012

At the moment here in Wales, we have a mixture of sleet and hail, it’s bouncing off the hearth as I type, but thankfully no snow as yet. I intended to go out and take photos for the ‘Winter’ photo challenge, but everywhere looks so  drab and miserable I just couldn’t bring myself to take any.  So I decided to post these from 2011 as they say “Winter” but they are not dull and drab.



15 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge Winter…… and a Happy New Year

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  2. nice contrast…winter in the suburbs (or country)…and in the city. i’ve known both when i worked in nyc. loved it in my 20s and early 30s. not so much after that. maybe because my daughter was born when i was 36…and it was nonstop work after that…

    …but i’ve loved every minute of…mothering… 🙂


    • Yes it was winter in the suburbs!
      I enjoyed the winter visit to NY I had always wanted to see the city in the snow…..but not too much of it! We arrived in a very cold spell and the day we decided to take a ride in Central Park, I awoke to a city covered in snow. Central Park was magical….


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