An Autumn morning

It’s a lovely morning. The sun is much lower over the willow tree, leaves are starting to change colour and flowers starting to wilt. There is a chill in the air too, a reminder of the cooler days to come, that Summer is over and Autumn is here.



10 thoughts on “An Autumn morning

    • Thank you. The garden usually starts to look a bit tatty at this time of year, but I quite like the look.
      Love your photos, what a great selection. Thank you for following – am following right back



    • Glad you liked the garden tour!
      My blog name was chosen with tongue firmly in cheek after reading an article in the press stating that ’60 is the new 40′
      Thanks for visiting and taking the time to comment


      • Most definitely
        I avoid mirrors unless absolutely necessary, the shock of not seeing that 20 year old girl looking back at me can be upsetting!!
        Here’s to all of us who are 40 again
        Have a great weekend


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