Still trying to get my act together, but managed to get something in almost on time. Delighted to see Rochelle has used my photo of a sudden snowfall in Central Park – we were taking a carriage ride and suddenly the snow started falling – magical.

24 July


Genre: Fiction

Word Count: 100


Penny is late. I fiddle with the strap of my overnight bag. I don’t like waiting. I’ve been here so long people are staring. We said 5pm outside the café; the park closes at 6pm she’d better hurry up.

Sarah was the same where time was concerned, always late.  It got on my nerves in the end, along with her flawless skin. No need to cover her acne with layers of Max Factor. And her hair, so shiny and wavy… not so wavy the last time I saw her.  Everyone gets their comeuppance in the end though, it’s only fair.



16 thoughts on “Waiting

  1. Oh boy, he really doesn’t like to be kept waiting does he? I’m assuming it’s a he, of course. It might be a she which is vaguely more disturbing. Great photo Dee, very atmospheric.


  2. First of all, thanks Dee for the great picture used for the prompt. Good story. I’m not sure what’s happening and why she’s waiting, but she seems to not like people much, even her friends. Well done. 🙂 — Suzanne


    • Thank you Suzanne. This is quite dark for me, I’m not sure where it came from but the girl is waiting for a new ‘friend’ after doing away with the previous one. Glad you liked the photo 🙂


  3. Dear Dee,

    It sounds like Penny would be better off not showing up at all. 😉 It sounds like the narrator has a penchant for doing away with pretty, tardy girls.

    Again, thank you for great photo that inspired a variety this week.




    • Dear Rochelle

      She is not a nice person that’s for sure. I don’t really know where she came from but it was interesting to write her.
      The photo has produced some great stories, so pleased and thank you for using it.

      Take care



    • Thanks Alicia. As I said in another comment, I’m not sure where she came from but it was interesting to walk on the ‘dark’ side for a while.


  4. This is a really intriguing MC. I can imagine her as a charismatic personality attracting new friends and then the real personality comes out. Great portrayal of a disturbed, unbalanced character.


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