Watching Trooping the Colour wearing tight pyjamas

Saturday 15th June was the Queen’s Birthday Parade in London.  We  had tickets to watch the pomp and pageantry in Horse Guards Parade; our seats were in a row that backed onto the gardens of Downing Street.

On Tuesday 11th June my husband complained of feeling unwell. He got worse throughout the day; our doctor decided that he should go to hospital and arranged for us to attend the Acute Assessment Unit at A&E.  We arrived at 9.00pm with overnight bag at the ready and were seen almost immediately for a blood pressure check and blood tests.  Next, my husband was sent for X-rays, and then we were told to return to the waiting area to be seen by the duty doctor.

We waited with a lot of other people; some moaning softly in pain, some just staring into space, some playing games on their phones or talking with friends and family. One woman was having an argument with her husband over the fact that he never took the rubbish out; he just sat and held her hand, understanding perhaps that this was her way of handling the uncertainty of what lay ahead.

At 12.30 we were called in to see the doctor. The results were back and it seems my husband had a kidney infection.  We were given antibiotics and pain killers and sent home.

I wasn’t convinced.

For one thing one of the antibiotics had to be ‘taken with or after food but NOT on an empty stomach.’ As my husband hadn’t eaten properly for three days and wasn’t about to have anything to eat now, I knew we were going to have problems.   He went to bed with one of the other tablets as I crossed my fingers and hoped he would have a peaceful night.

Wednesday dawned and things weren’t much better. He still didn’t want anything to eat but managed a piece of toast so he could take his tablet. He still felt ill and had a high temperature, but didn’t want me to call the doctor.

Om Thursday he seemed worse. I rang the surgery and spoke to the doctor. He asked a lot of questions, then told me he was going to admit my husband to hospital and I should take him over there straightaway.  On the way, I realised that I had forgotten to pack his pj’s.  We called in to a large clothing store on the way to the hospital, they had no pyjamas only ‘Leisure Wear’.

Once in hospital, we waited for what seemed like an eternity before he was admitted to a ward. Finally about 11.30pm he went to get changed into his ‘leisure wear’.He wasn’t impressed with my purchase; the top was too tight and the trousers too long.  I kissed him goodnight and left him in the care of the night staff.

I left the hospital and went to stay at my son’s house, not wishing to be on my own that night.  My daughter-in-law had laid out a pair of her pj’s as I had nothing with me. I was touched and amused that she thought her clothes would fit me; she is at least two sizes smaller than I and a good four inches taller. We had a hot drink and discussed what had happened during the last few days, then I climbed into their spare bed in a top that was too tight and trousers that were too long, but I was too tired to care.

The following morning I switched on the television to watch the Welsh Guards trooping their colour on Horse Guards Parade and wondered who was sitting in our seats.

In Horse Guards

Trooping the Colour

In the Mall

(More photos and full report @ BBC)

And a couple of balcony shots, courtesy of my tv.

On the balcony

On the balcony 2

Red Arrows over Buckingham Palace


Around the UK in 70 Days


The journey starts here........

So, we have all had the chance to apply for tickets to the 2012 Olympic Games in London, and are now waiting and watching our bank accounts to see if we  have been lucky and hit this particular ‘jackpot’.

I’m really not sure what I think of this ‘lottery’ for tickets and paying almost a year in advance – great marketing ploy by the way Lord Coe, but I am  really interested to know if the man interviewed on radio yesterday gets all the tickets he has applied for. He has applied for practically every final,  plus the opening and closing ceremonies on the basis that he won’t get everything he has asked for.  Stranger things have happened….. hope he has a few thousand pounds spare.

If you have not been lucky enough to get any tickets, but would still like to savour the ‘Olympic Experience’ , how about following the progress of the Olympic Torch?  It will be arriving at Land’s End on 19 May 2012 and will travel 8,000 miles round various towns, cities and islands of the UK before entering the Olympic Arena in London 70 days later, on Friday 27 July 2012.

The organisers  are now on the look out for 8,000 ‘inspirational torch bearers, who between them will bring the torch to within a one-hour  journey for 95% of the population of the UK. So that ‘s something else you can put your name down for, if you feel that way inclined.

To keep up to date with all the news on this journey round the UK visit the BBC’s website at