Weekly photo challenge: Two subjects

This photo was taken on holiday in Sicily. We stayed in Taormina a beautiful place, quite high up, with narrow, twisting roads providing stunning views at every turn. We had great views of Mount Etna from our hotel and each day I would try to get a better shot.  Late one afternoon, we strolled down to the pool area, the mountain seemed almost close enough to touch. This is the photo I took that day. The umbrellas by the pool became the main subject, with Etna looming in the background.

Indulge – Weekly Photo Challenge

My first thoughts were of chocolate or a long laze in a bath full of soft scented bubbles……

Then I looked through my photographs to see what indulgences I could find there and it’s not always what you have in mind that jumps out at you from the screen. So, here are my photos for this week:

I love Sushi and I have never seen so much in one place at one time…….


I had dreamed of going to Egypt ever since my first history lesson and in 2008 my dream came true. After spending days in the baking sun, taking in the wonderful sights and sounds of temples, the bustle of the soukhs and markets, we stared in awe at the pyramids…….

and ended our stay here, almost a shame to cause a ripple….

But I couldn’t end without some chocolate…………..


Go on, have a piece, I have……………yum

PS. If you want the recipe, let me know 🙂

Weekly photo challenge – Hope

Hope is a very powerful thing.  Without it, life for some is almost not worth living.  I have been very lucky to have been able  to travel a great deal, quite often on business but mainly for pleasure. Each time I have visited New York, if I have had time, I have joined one of the many boat trips that take tourists out to see  Ellis Island and an up-close look at the Statue of Liberty.

Each time I see Liberty standing guard as she appears to do, I think of the many millions of people, weary and scared as they neared the end of their long journey, seeing her for the first time.  Some refugees, fleeing from persecution;  some emigrants, escaping extreme poverty and hardship and I think of the hope she must have given them, as they sought a new life for themselves and their families.