Lazing in the sunshine

Lazing in the sunshine


Weekend is here and it’s raining…

The dog has been to the vet and has a chest infection and a sore throat! I have been given some tablets for her which are almost the size of a saucer, but not quite, why can’t the companies who make drugs for animals get sensible about sizing?  Yes you can break them in half if you have thumbs like hammers, then  you have the problem of trying to get the dog to take them. Hide them in food, yes I have tried that one and found the tablet deposited on the floor with great skill!

The last time this happened,  I used the pestle and mortar and ground the tablet to a fine powder and mixed it in with her food, that did work although I felt slightly stupid trying to explain to a visiting electrican just what the white powder was that I had inadvertently managed to transfer from my hand across my nose!!

I am going to watch the qualifiyng for the Grand Prix in Japan and then decide if I really do need to clear out the wardrobe just now…..