That Friday feeling…….

That’s the only trouble with Bank Holidays, it is lovely to have a day off from work, but then, for the remainder of the week you are playing catch up, trying to cram 5 days work in to 4. And, suddenly, it’s Friday again!

I have to admit that I do love Fridays. It is a feeling that has stayed with me from my schooldays, leaving school and getting on the bus to go home, lots of chatter about what people had planned for the weekend. In summer it was especially nice, the anticipation of two whole days off, staying up later, being allowed to go into town to meet up with friends and the joy of shopping, when you had a bit of pocket money or birthday money to spend. 

Friday evenings were also the time my sister and I would go to the little sweet shop across the street, to spend the money our grandmother had left for us.  She called in every Friday to see mum and left some money for us for sweeties!  We had such a selection to choose from: Refreshers, Smarties, Fizzers, McGowans Highland Toffee (anyone remember them?) there were Gobstoppers, Aniseed Balls, Rainbow Drops, Liquorice Twists, Butterscotch Tablets, Punch Bars (do they still make them?) Fruit Salad Chews…the list seemd endless.  We would buy as much as we could, quantity over quality every time, then go home and put everything on the table and share it out. Trouble was, my sister’s share would last her all weekend and mine was gone by Saturday!!

Even now, the sense of something to look forward to is still there; Fridays for me, are still the best evenings to meet  up with friends; for a drink after work, for a trip to the theatre or cinema or a meal somewhere.  Or just chilling at home, relaxing after a hectic week, knowing that you can switch off the alarm and have a lie in if you want one. 

So, I’m off home to pour myself a cool glass of wine, sit in the garden and relax.  Hope you all enjoy your Friday and have a great weekend!