Paths leading here and there

I love beaches. I love winding pathways that could lead to the start of an adventure or a leisurely walk, you’re never quite sure just what you’ll find at the end. This one led onto South Beach in Miami, one lovely sunny day in early March.

Another March day, this time on Ile de Re and a path that led eventually to a little harbour and a large, steaming mug of hot chocolate.  Delicious!!

Finally, this one is closer to home, wild flowers from a path behind my sister’s house.  Aren’t they just stunning?

Hope you enjoy my photographs too


13 thoughts on “Paths leading here and there

    • Thank you Judy, your blog is great and your photos just stunning.
      Your “path” to Lake Superior is very similar to my “path” to the beach, i just love shots like that
      Thank you again


  1. Yes, I love paths to go to the beach too, whenever possible, I always take those kind of pix! I also recognise the one from South Beach, I think I took the same, or similar, when I visited Miami last year!! I wasn’t so lucky with the weather though 😦


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