Weekly Photo Challenge “Up”

These photos provide memories of a great “Up” for me. Although extremely nervous at first, I found the balloon flight over Bath to be an exhilarating experience. So, up, up and away I went……


16 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge “Up”

  1. Love the burner shot! Several others showed balloons from the ground. Love that yours is from the within-the-balloon perspective… starts to tell a story–and I want to see/hear about the rest!


    • I always though that too, then the family presented me with the ticket as a “Milestone Birthday” present – so I just had to take a very deep breath and go for it.
      Seriously it wasn’t that bad, once you are up in the air, everything floats by so slowly, you hardly know you are moving and the basket is so high you can just see over the top.
      Put it on your “Bucket List”, you’ll love it


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