I’ve waited two years for this………..

I love peonies.

I ordered a Peony Tree from a very reputable grower and planted it with great care almost two years ago. I watched as it grew and produced lots of lovely green leaves that danced in the summer breeze and withstood Autumn gales; waiting for the beautiful pink blooms to appear.

I waited and waited. I asked a professional gardener friend what I was doing wrong, “Don’t worry” he said, ” be patient and the flowers will come”.

I waited a little longer and finally, last week I looked out of the window and could see something pink where days before there had only been green and here it is, my first peony……..


9 thoughts on “I’ve waited two years for this………..

  1. I don’t know why but I have heard that it takes a few years for peonies to establish themselves and to flower.


    • I never knew that, hopefully now I will have more goregous blooms to come. The one in the photo has been blown away by the high winds we have been expriencing lately so it didn’t last long 😦


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  3. Peonies – – -especially the white fragrant ones – — along with a field of violets and some iris planted near a bedroom window on the ground floor of an old farm house are some of my favorite memories. Even the memory of these delights still evoke the feelings associated with a youth long flown. I love this blog and I love this article.


    • Thank you so much for your comment, it is good to hear from you. Flowers certainly have the ability to capture the moment and, more importantly recall it as soon as you see or smell them again.

      Thank you too for following my blog, it is so pleasing to know that people do like it and find something of interest there. Look forward to following you too


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