On my way to watch morning practise in the riding school in Vienna, a dream coming true. I was chatting excitedly to my sister-in-law about how wonderful it was going to be, when suddenly I had a close encounter with one of the gorgeous Lipizzaner horses. I’m not sure who was the more surprised, but I think he was used to the adoration don’t you?


9 thoughts on “Close

  1. It’d have been me, that’s for sure! What a thrill to meet up with them like that. That was the only thing I was sad about, when I went Vienna, just to see them perform – they were so remote from us. So, a very lucky close encounter with two equine stars:)


    • It was amazing, we were just on our way in; we were talking so much about how superb the horses are and the skill of their riders that I think we took a wrong turn and suddenly, there were the horses coming out of their stables. I just could not belive my luck, it was a fantastic day 🙂


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