Life throws me a curved ball

I haven’t posted anything for a while; I have had to deal with some very upsetting family developments which, quite frankly have let me stunned. I had been away to Crete and had a wonderful holiday (post on that to follow hopefully) when on my way home from the airport, I had to deal with a call from a distraught daughter-in-law.

My son has moved of their home.  There have been no arguments, no-one else is involved; he just feels the need to be on his own and work out what it is that is making him unhappy. He has said he will arrange to see a counsellor.

Their marriage was one I would have bet on as a sure thing; they are so good together and have been for almost 18 years

I have spoken to them both, offered a bed, food, a shoulder, a sounding board – anything that will help.  She is the daughter I never had and I am feeling so incredibly sad for them both.

I hope to be back with you soon, sorry not to have been around for a while


7 thoughts on “Life throws me a curved ball

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