Hell Raising

Thanks to Sandra for this week’s photo, and to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for gathering us all together again this week. On seeing the photo, I was initially struck by a farming theme and as I could write what I know about farming on the back of a postage stamp, I quickly decided against even trying to go any further with it.


Genre: Fiction

Word Count: 100

Hell Raising

Occasionally tourists would stop at the end of the drive, snapping away.

Nicholas didn’t mind. Sometimes if the mood took him, he would get off the porch, wander down the drive and pass the time of day.


“Hello, nice to meet you. We’re on holiday from England, mind if we take a few photos?”

“Nope, you go right ahead.”

“We were wondering what on earth it is, that strange thing on your patio.”

“It’s just my trike.”

“You mean you actually ride it?”

Nicholas turned away, eyes blazing red. Should he show them, or would that spoil their holiday?




49 thoughts on “Hell Raising

  1. A wild way to end it, with Nicholas’s red eyes and a take on the tourist’s holy-day. I get the feeling that Nicholas, even though he was polite at first, is about to get in some hell raising.


  2. Aww the end was so cute, wondering if to show them or not..so many things we fear in life would disappoint others if they knew the truth or the extent of the truth. Wonderful piece.


  3. Uh-0h…me thinks they are going to get a huge surprise when they return home and take a peek at the photos they took on that visit. That is, IF they manage to return home. Loved the red-eyed mystery … a thrilling thriller. Tks for visiting me.


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