The Dress

I sneaked off last week, did you miss me?  I spent a week in Spain, just outside Puerto Banus; I found the sun ( must tell Sandra) enjoyed some lovely food and a really relaxing time. I missed Friday Fictioneers due to poor internet connection, so have a lot of catching up to do. Thanks go as usual to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for keeping FF going each week, where would we be without her?

Thanks for the photograph this week go to Janet Webb.  It is  very intriguing and I’m sure it will provide some very imaginitive stories from the great writers who support Friday Fictioneers every week.


Genre: Fiction

Word Count: 100

The Dress

Larry looked up, the dress was still there. It was magnificent. Molly would look fantastic in it. He imagined her on his arm, walking together into the Annual Dinner; making a great entrance, the talk of the club for once. They were broke, but she deserved something new. If it was still there tomorrow night, he’d climb up and take it.

Antonio looked up at the painting and smiled, he had the perspective just right.  He went back upstairs to his ‘studio’ and added the few brushstrokes needed to finish it.

Larry had never heard of Trompe l’Oeil


43 thoughts on “The Dress

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  3. It’s a clever idea. I like it … but I’m confused by “He went back upstairs to his studio and added the few brush strokes…” This seems to suggest the dress isn’t in fact painted on the outside of the building. And if it isn’t, then what’s Larry looking at?


    • Sorry to confuse you – the painting is on the outide of the building. When I posted it, the word studio had inverted commas round it, my intention to suggest that it wasn’t really a studio at all. I see that they aren’t there, I will correct.
      Thanks for reading


  4. First of all, we did miss you last week, Dee. Great take on the prompt. Poor Larry. I was not familiar with Trompe-l’ceil either and had to look it up. Thanks for teaching me a new phrase.


    • Glad you liked the story. I am so amazed by the artists who produce works of Trompe l’Oeil, I have difficulty drawing a straight line.
      Thanks for resding


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