Weekly photo challenge – Fleeting

On a flight to Whistler from Vancouver, the mountains just appeared through the cloud.  I’m not sure of this really qualifies as Fleeting, but it was a  magical sight.







10 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge – Fleeting

  1. I think it does. I particularly love the first photo. I almost felt as though I was there and could see the mountain appearing and disappearing through the cloud cover. I’m glad I wasn’t there though…now that I’ve noticed the type of wing on the plane you were flying in. My guess is that it wasn’t a Boing 787 Airbus 😀


    • Thank you Lynn.
      It was a bit scary at first in the float plane. Since seeing the first Indiana Jones movie I’ve always wanted to take off and land on water (mad possibly). The float plane was considerably smaller than the one Harrison Ford got into, but it was exhilarating, after getting over the scary bit.
      The scenery was absolutely unforgettable.
      Have a great day, catch you later in the week for FF


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