The Train

This week’s photo comes courtesy of Dawn Miller and is taken inside Union Station, Washington D.C.  The marble and columns speak of times gone by and thinking of this led me to my story for Friday Fictioneers. I was delighted to have at least come up with something this week, I failed miserably last week as I was so involved with work, I never seemed to find time to myself to write. Thanks as always to Rochelle 🙂

30 August

The Train

Genre: Fiction

Word Count: 100

Bathed in silvery moonlight, the train waits in the siding. It is empty, except for the ghosts.  Their fingers linger over highly polished mahogany. Fine silks and satins glide over heavily carpeted corridors. Thousands of stories have unfolded in the confines of these sumptuously elegant carriages.

It is morning. Highly trained staff will soon board, the ghosts will vanish and the magic will begin.  Windows will gleam, crystal will sparkle, silver will shine and crisp table linen bearing the world-famous cypher will be laid. The Venice Simplon-Orient Express will be made ready to beguile and charm; another adventure will begin


PS I have just realised that I ‘liked’ this post – I did think it was alright, but never intended to ‘like’ it publicly.  Please excuse my arthritic fingers attempting to get to grips with the new mobile App for WordPress, I promise to take more care in future and only ‘like’ your posts. (02/09/13)


25 thoughts on “The Train

    • Dear Doug
      Thank you for your kind comments, I’m pleased that you like it. I’ve not been able to write much lately – think my muse is on vacation !

      Take care



  1. Dear Dee,

    I enjoyed your story very much. I would suggest changing the second sentence to a third and wording it something like this:
    ‘Fine silk and satin glide over heavily carpeted corridors’

    It’s only a suggestion and one you don’t need to listen to. Your story makes me want to dress up and take a trip. To anywhere, but here.

    Love, Renee


    • Dear Renee
      I had problems with that sentence and did try making it into two, or making it even longer…
      I like your suggestion and have made the alteration – thank you for taking the time

      I am trying to get round to read the other stories before the next prompt goes out – tick,tock, tick,tock…

      Love Dee x


    • Dear Rochelle
      Getting there fast or faster isn’t necessarily all that travellers want, a few creature comforts wouldn’t be a bad thing. I feel that a sense of elegance is missing from a lot of life these days.
      As always, thank you for reading.
      Take care


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