Shabby Love

Happy New Year!!  Hope you are all well and keeping warm and dry as we battle this dreadful weather.

Welcome to another year of Friday Fictioneers, hosted as always by the one and only Rochelle. You can get more information about how to join our happy band, the rules and regulations etc., by going along to her website here. Thanks for the photo this week to Dawn Quyle Landau

Copyright Dawn Q Landau

Copyright Dawn Quyle Landau


Genre: Fiction

Word Count: 100

Shabby Love

Our meeting place has lost its charm.

I happened there by chance, and remembered

How much I loved you, once.

We met often, making plans for ‘sometime later’

Until the day you pressured me for things I could not do.

You lashed out, calling me prude and names

I’d never heard nor understood.

I ran from you in tears, upset and hurt,

Much later realising the valuable lesson learned.

Love is not always kind, or what you hoped for.

True love comes when you are least prepared for it.

The little hut is shabby now, like your supposed love for me.


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28 thoughts on “Shabby Love

  1. This one strikes close to home in some ways. I like seeing the other side, someone not willing to do anything and to stand up for beliefs. But I’d leave a little room or put some sort of dividing line between the last line of your lovely poem and the sentence about the link critter. 🙂 It seemed part of the whole and yanked me back drastically.



    • Thank you Janet, I’ll alter that now. Sometimes it’s difficult to see how the post will look when published, as the spacing goes all out of kilter.
      Hope you’re ok during this bad weather.



      • Hey, it’s up to 13, so we’re having a heat wave after the -45 with wind chill temps of earlier! Have to admit I’m looking forward to going to Arizona tomorrow for a visit with my parents. The difference between -45 and 65 is substantial!! 🙂



  2. Dear Dee,

    I stand and applaud her. True love isn’t something that’s forced…true lust is. Well done.

    We’ve gotten up into the balmy 30’s here. But it’s only January and last year we even had a freak snow in May.




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