The Games Children Play

An early prompt this week, thought I was still caught up in jet-lag-holiday-mode.

Once again, Queen Rochelle gathers her workers about her with a new prompt, this week the photograph is courtesy of John Nixon. I love the wizened looking trees and twisted roots, and guess the photo will provide the usual brilliantly inventive stories from the other Friday Fictioneers. You can read mine below the photograph.

Copyright John Nixon

Copyright John Nixon

 Genre: Fiction

Word Count: 100

The Games Children Play

‘You abducted him, admit it’


‘You say you know where he is’

‘Sort of’

‘So you took him?’

The world slows, the mist comes.  I see a blindfolded child standing in front of a tree; five older boys are running away.

‘I can see him, in a wood’

‘You can see him in a wood, what sort of crap is that?’

‘I came here to help. I see things. I didn’t take him, but I can see him’

‘You see things?  Then I guess you know what’s coming! Lock him up Ben’

I see the bough break.

And fall.


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49 thoughts on “The Games Children Play

    • Yes I agree. I do try to do more, but sometimes I just don’t feel comfortable, perhaps that’s how it should be.
      Glad this one worked and happy that you liked it.


  1. Clear plot here, I liked the build up and it reminded me of an episode of midsomer murders where the children did an initiation and the boy getting initiated was hung to death accidentally…the games indeed. Very nice take on the prompt Dee 🙂


  2. Yikes!Sometimes kids are more cruel than adults!Sad that those interrogating the psychic made her the scapegoat .Had they listened ,a child may have been saved-ooh!Loved the dark place you took us this week Dee,great job:-)


  3. Dear Dee,

    Have you ever read The Lord of the Flies? This certainly put me in mind of it. There’s something chilling about this level of cruelty in children that hits the top of the eeriness chart. Well done.




    • Dear Rochelle

      No, I have never read The Lord of the Flies. I’m not a horror fan – this story was out of my comfort zone but the photo seemed quite creepy to me and the story almost wrote itself.

      Thank you for your kind comments, as always they are much appreciated.

      Take care



  4. Glad to see you, ahem… Branching out, turning over a new leaf, uprooting. This was quite different for you, and I loved it.


    • Oh very good… glad you liked it Helena, it was very different for me, but I enjoyed writing it.
      Perhaps I’ll find a bit more of my dark side…


  5. Great story Dee! I really enjoyed your tale. Hope someone saves the kid but they are too busy trying to solve the case instead of finding the kid alive. Also, I have 4 boys that we all watched “Lord of the Flies” and it was pretty disturbing to me at the time, but thank God the boys didn’t do that stuff to each other. Well, there was this one time . . . . Very good writing! Nan 🙂


    • Thank you Nan. We have 3 boys and although I never watched ‘Lord of the Flies’ the eldest one read it and we talked about it – scared the live out of me. We worry about our kids and hope nothing happens to them. Yet it seems sometimes some of them are capable of committing dreadful things . I still haven’t got over the Bulger case here in the UK.

      Anyway, my thanks as usual for reading, hope you have a lovely day.



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