A Silent Star

Hello fellow Friday Fictioneers, hope you’ve all had a good week.  Mine has been hectic, got back from holiday last week (will post about it soon) to a pile of emails – do emails pile? Anyway, there were quite a lot of the little devils waiting for an answer…

Today, once again we bow to the summons from  Madame Rochelle – thankfully she is still in charge of the proceedings, and to the photographic skills this week of Kent Bonham.

100 words are what is required to enter the world of Friday Fictioneers, what are you waiting for? Join us, we are quite normal – most of the time…

Copyright Kent Bonham

Copyright Kent Bonham

Genre: Historical Fiction

Word Count: 100

A Silent Star

Nora wanders onto the dimly lit set.  Everything is different now.  She falters then sees the lights. Standing in the bright spotlight of her memory she laughs, remembering heady days of stardom, the fawning of countless suitors.

Eyes wide, she strikes a pose for imaginary cameras, blowing kisses to imaginary fans.

‘My darlings, I’ll come back to you soon,’ she shouts to the empty space as the light fades.

‘Nora, the visit is over, time to go. Come along quietly. Look, your fans are waiting.’

‘They still adore me.’

She darts away, her high-pitched laughter ringing through the building.


A nod to ‘ Norma Desmond’ the ageing silent star, played superbly by Gloria Swanson in the film “Sunset Boulevard”

Thanks to Rochelle, the Norma Desmond send up, by the brilliant Carol Burnett




47 thoughts on “A Silent Star

  1. Shades of one of the best stories in narcissism. Also, one of the creepiest movies ever made. Check out Carol Burnett’s version of “Norma Desmond” and you’ll roll with laughter.


  2. Love it! Absolutely. One year, long ago, I dressed as Nora Desmond (or was it Gloria playing Nora?) for a costume party. Not many got it, Alas. (have I mentioned I love Carol Burnett’s take on Nora? 🙂 Well done.


    • Hi Shandra – good to hear from you.
      Well done on the fancy dress bet it was great and a shame not too many people got it.
      Rochelle has mentioned Carol Burnett – I hadn’t seen her send up before, its brilliant.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Dear Rochelle

      Thank you for the link for the Carol Burnett sketch. I hadn’t seen it before, think I’ll add to the post – sort of before and after.

      Pleased you liked my take on the prompt, have to catch up on the other FF stories now.

      Have a great weekend



  3. Ah, Sunset Boulevard. I thoroughly enjoyed that movie when I watched it for a film class. Damned if Gloria Swanson’s portrayal of Nora wasn’t creepy as hell. You pulled off her personality really well here!


  4. Well-done presentation of an old star who, like Norma Desmond, has lost her link to sanity. I have to watch Carol Burnett’s video. I’m so glad Rochelle furnished the link. Carol was hilarious. I’ll never forget her sketch as Scarlett O’Hara wearing curtains in Gone With the Wind.


    • Hi Patricia
      I hadn’t seen the Carol Burnett clip, I’m going to try and add it to the post alongside the original, should be fun
      Thanks for reading


  5. hooray for me. i can honestly say that she had come to mind before i saw that it was actually geared towards her. yay me. and yay to you for having written it so well to have gotten me there. well done.


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