Into The Blue

I have been unable to post anything as my account was suspended by WordPress. I don’t know why this was and they haven’t told me why they did it. There was just a message saying my account was suspended when I tried to log on. I sent an email complaining and have not had a reply, but magically the account seems to be working now. Thank you WordPress!

So, with haste in case they change their minds and banish me again, here is the story you should have seen last week.

Copyright BS

Copyright B.W. Beacham

Genre: Memoir

Word Count: 100

Into The Blue

“It’s deep blue, just like your eyes”, I say,

He continues to read the paper barrier between us.

“My outfit looks good, what will you wear?”

There is no answer.

He turns a page.

Seemingly all communication has ceased,

His silence is slowly suffocating me.

I walk onto the terrace.

I forgave his betrayal,

I should have let him go

Not clung to him in desperation,

Fearful of a life without him.

I watch the flotsam in the bay, subject to demands of an indifferent tide,

Like me.

I dress for the party and leave,

Travelling hopefully, towards new horizons.


Thanks as always to Rochelle and to B.W. Beacham for the photo last week.

I have not been able to comment on any stories, I promise to make amends this week – WP permitting of course!



17 thoughts on “Into The Blue

  1. Nice story, Dee. I would have said to the character, “Throw the baggage out! You’re too good for him.” Nice poetic rendering of the story, too.

    I’m glad that account mess finally got straightened out. Maybe the photo prompt would have fit the situation, huh? 😀 Anyway, good story!


    • Thank you Kent. It is frustrating when anything goes wrong with WP that all you an do is send off an email in the hope that some anonymous someone picks it up!
      Things do seem to be OK now – she types hopefully…



  2. Dear Dee,

    I can’t imagine why WordPress would suspend your account. Strange.

    At any rate, as you stated your genre as memoir I assume this is a true story. I’m saddened and angered that this has happened in your life. I hope this is way in the past.

    Well written.




    • Dear Rochelle
      I couldn’t understand it, especially as there was no warning or anything.

      Yes it is a true story, it happened a long time ago when I thought I couldn’t make it on my own, without the man I loved so much.

      Needless to say I did make it through and came out a much happier me.

      Thank you for reading and for your kind comments.

      Take care



  3. Very powerful story Dee. As I read, I imagined that she had stayed with him and now he has Alzheimers or something, but perhaps he is just cold? Compelling. Your pacing lends itself to the isolation she feels. Love this line: “I watch the flotsam in the bay, subject to demands of an indifferent tide, Like me.”

    I have had similar problems with WP… and more of them recently. Support is hit or miss, for some reason. Arrgh! Glad you were able to get on, finally.


    • Hi Dawn – I stayed ‘cos liked him and couldn’t imagined living without him

      I was so wrong and leaving was the best thing I ever did. It is sound ago now I hardly ever think of it, but there was something about the photo that made me think of that time.
      The WP it glitch is a pain in the proverbial, if gets crossed it a seems ok now.
      Thanks for reading, hope you’re OK


  4. Well wrought story, both sad and true. Sometimes we stick with “bad ideas” – jobs, men, friends – who are ultimately doing us harm. I’m glad (is that saying it right? Glad seems mean, but you know what I mean) you were forced into freedom and found out how really strong you are.


    • Yes we do and afterwards we wonder why we couldn’t see what was really going on. Thank you for reading and sharing you thoughts, its good to hear from you.



  5. Dee, I’m sorry you had to go through this, as do so many, but it seems you came out better and stronger, although in the immediate aftermath it seems impossible to breathe let alone believe you’ll get over and grow from it. So well done. As for WP, the biggest annoyance is not really having a real person to email. Glad you’re back.



    • Thanks Janet. You are so right about WP, I mentioned to Kent how frustrating is was only being able to send an email to an anonymous someone in the hope that things would be sorted. I have never received a reply to my email, but I guess someone somewhere threw a switch…



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