No Forks Needed

I’m pleased to say we are having a mini heatwave here in Wales; it happens so rarely I feel completely justified in revelling in it. It is also the week of the Royal Welsh Show, last year both exhibitors and visitors were up to their armpits in mud, slush and mire, so I am really pleased they can enjoy the sunshine too.

Glad to be able to submit an FF story this week and my thanks to our top chef Rochelle for selecting such an unusual photograph to tempt us with.  Thanks also to Marie Gail Stratford for taking it.

25 July 2014

No Forks Needed

Genre: Crime

Word Count: 100

Mary sat at her usual table, her laptop open and ready. The story she was writing was going well, but now she was stuck. Did she kill off the character giving her problems, or try to rework the plot? She was watching the street, waiting for her muse to return, when two strangers came in.

One man went to the kitchen. She heard a blood curdling scream and saw Wu Tan stagger out, clutching the knife embedded in his chest. The men ran into the street and disappeared.

Mary stared at Wu and flexed her fingers, her muse was back.


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47 thoughts on “No Forks Needed

  1. Dear Dee,

    I write with trembling fingers. They tremble because I’m laughing so hard. I’d say her muse returned with a vengeance. I’ve heard it said that writers are blood suckers. Your story takes that to a new level. Bravo!




    • Dear Doug

      Thank you, so pleased you liked this.
      I felt sure both you and Rochelle would like the humour, I enjoyed writing this one, albeit with tongue-in-cheek.

      Have a great weekend



  2. Hahaha! The muse was definitely back! Love it!

    And it’s good to see YOU, too, Dee! We’re going to have that “virtual tea” with Rochelle not too long from now, aren’t we? We’ll be in touch.


  3. Dee, I think for now I’ll do without that type of experience to bring back my muse. Good dark humor and well written. Enjoy your good weather. We’re finally having true monsoon weather here and people are enjoying that. Well done. 🙂 —Susan


    • Yes it was a bit extreme, but that’s writers for you…
      The good weather is still with us, hope the monsoon is not too drastic, expect it is welcome at this time of year.
      Enjoy your weekend


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