An Invitation

I love the old desk in the photo this week and wonder how many ‘letters’ we will receive…

Thanks to Mr Fields for the photo and for Mrs Fields for continuing to mark our work and support our efforts.

Copyright Jan Fields

Copyright Jan Wayne Fields

Genre: Historical Fiction

Word Count: 100

An Invitation

Dearest Ellen

My words will be a shock to you and I beg you be seated whilst you read them.

When I refused Henry’s proposal, I know you were saddened as you wanted us to be sisters.  My disposition would not have suited your brother and I believed the wedded state was not for me.

I write to you to confess that I was wrong in my belief and have accepted the proposal of marriage from Arthur Nicholls. The wedding will be in June, my dearest wish is that you will be my witness.  

Your loving and devoted friend



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This letter could have been written by Charlotte Bronte to her dear friend Ellen Nussey. Ellen’s brother Henry did propose to Charlotte and she did refuse him citing her disposition as the main reason they would not get on.  Charlotte married her father’s curate Arthur Bell Nicholls in June 1854.  Sadly the marriage was happy but short, Charlotte died on 31 March 1855 in the early stages of pregnancy.

If you would like to read more the link will take you to the website of the  Bronte Society

Bronte Society

Bronte Society – Ellen Nussey






38 thoughts on “An Invitation

  1. Dear Dee,

    As you can see, a few letters have been written this week. And thus far, all different and well done.

    I truly love yours. The voice and rhythm put me in the moment. Applause!




  2. That was really interesting, and I enjoyed my visit to the site. Although a Bronte fan, I hadn’t realised that she died so young and in that way. Thank you for the little bit of education, Dee.


  3. well done as if charlotte had written it herself. i’ve been a bronte fan myself. i’d been to the parsonage and walked the moors. i even stayed at the house of the doctor who attended to the brontes. it was quite an experience.


  4. Interesting. Your letter stands on ts own two feet without the history, although the history is interesting, too.

    Your use of the language of the times, and the thinking from the times, is well done.
    Enjoyed it. Good job.


  5. Splendiferous! The Brontes certainly had their share of talent and drama. I would have loved to have read their actual letters. You captured the prose SO well. made me want to read some more. Bravo, Dee!


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