Photography 101 – Glass

My photograph for today is of Dale Chihuly’s glass sculpture which stands in the reception area of the Atlantis Hotel in Dubai.  I was lucky enough to see this earlier in the year.  You can see it below, along with a close up of the detail that makes up this 18metre high work of art.

Chihuly sculpture

Chihuly sculpture detail


6 thoughts on “Photography 101 – Glass

    • Hi Helena

      How lovely to hear from you. I’ve been reading your ups and downs whilst going through some of my own. I feel burnt out at the moment; I’m told it is my own fault for taking on too much, may be true but does little to make me feel better.

      I really do hope you are feeling well, I admire the way you are able to say it as it is, offend or please. I just slink away until I feel able to meet the world again. My writing output is non existent, I have no motivation, inclination or anything to say right now.

      Thank you for thinking of me, it means a lot my friend.

      Take care love,



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