Home at Last

Copyright Douglas MacIlroy

                                            Copyright Douglas MacIlroy

Genre: Fiction

Word Count: 100

Home at Last

The ties that bound me were severed so long ago, I have forgotten why. The cold seeps into my bones, forming a brittle frost. The gnawing emptiness in my stomach would signal hunger to a brain able to care or respond.

The light surprises me, it’s intense and blinding. A flashlight means police and an order to ‘move on, get out of here.’  But this light is too strong and never wavers. As a whisper of summer fills my nostrils and glides sweetly over my tongue, I think I am smiling.

 I am held tight.

 I am home, at last.



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My thanks to Doug MacIlroy for the photo prompt that sent chills this week and to Rochelle for continuing to lead the Friday Fictioneers whilst getting her novel edited and now ready for publication, many congratulations. You can read more below and on her website

‘Beginning on April 20 Please Say Kaddish For Me will be available to preorder from Kindle in ebook form and to preorder from http://www.a-argusbooks.com/GalleryComing.htm in print form. Release date scheduled for May 8′.



40 thoughts on “Home at Last

    • Thanks Paul didn’t mean it to be obscure. It’s about a street person succumbing to cold and hunger and loneliness. A bit grim but there’s where the photo took me. Thanks for reading.

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    • Yes, quite right. I saw a programme about street people in Swansea and how, despite various groups trying to help, nothing changed. It was sad but seemed in the main to be their choice and I kept wondering why and what happens to them. Thanks for reading.

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  1. So sad, the emptiness and despair of the protagonist is tangible. I guess it’s the light at the end of the tunnel. The last moments speak of better days in the past.


  2. The final bit of warmth before the end… Very effective and very sad.
    The little match girl remembered indeed – think that was the first story I truly wept over. ( And I’ve been as involved in fiction as real-life ever since!)
    PS I like your bluebells at the top – are they out now again?


  3. Dear Dee.

    I’ll admit to having to go back and read a second time after reading your explanation. No matter, I enjoyed it. I, too, thought of the Little Match Girl. Nicely done.

    And thank you for posting my publisher’s link. 😉




    • Dear Rochelle

      Sorry if I was tad obscure this week, I knew what I wanted to say… hopefully the second read got you there. So pleased you book will be out soon, will be ordering my copy. 🙂

      Take care



  4. This was excellent – I understood exactly what you were aiming for first read. It’s well written and whilst a sad start the end feels almost positive or uplifting.

    Nice work.


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