The Visitor

For the last Friday Fictioneers of 2015, Rochelle has reposted Scott’s photo from a couple of years ago. This is the post I wrote then. I hope you all have a happy holiday, however you celebrate it and look forward to catching up with you in 2016.

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Arthur senses he is being watched. He stands very still, tensing his muscles, ready for flight.

He stares straight ahead, waiting, watching.

She walks round the table, noticing all the clutter. What a mess. She remembers the tidy, spotless kitchen of her childhood, no mess or spills allowed. She remembers the cupboard under the stairs.

Dark, cold, silent.

Arthur tries a high-pitched meow but it gets no response.

She stares at the cat. She has always disliked cats. Now it doesn’t matter.

Now she can see him, but he can’t see her.

Thanks to Rochelle for continuing Friday Fictioneers and to Scott Vannatter for the photo this week

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11 thoughts on “The Visitor

    • Thank you Sandra. Don’t think I’d been a member of FF for very long, think the original was posted in 2012. Having a lovely Christmas and hope you are too. Saw your ‘highly commended ‘ story in Writers Forum – excellent news and well done Sandra. 🎄🍸


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