Dream Flight

Happy New Year!  I hope you all enjoyed the holidays, however you celebrated them. It’s good to be back at Friday Fictioneers Central. Huge thanks to Rochelle for finding time to organise this group in between writing novels, visiting family or icing the odd cake, and my thanks to all who contribute each week making this a fantastic group to be a part of.

Copyright Melanie Greenwood

                                        Copyright Melanie Greenwood

Genre: Fiction

Word count: 100

Dream Flight

‘Would you really buy one, if you won the Lottery?’

‘Well it’s on my list. I’d love one.  Just think of the freedom, taking off whenever you wanted…’

‘What else is on your list?’

‘A long stay at a health farm, I fancy the one in Arizona where all the celebs go to get their fat sucked out.’

They both laughed as Mel placed the magazine back on the bedside cabinet.  She sat on the bed, reaching for her best friend’s hand. There would be no flight or health farm visit; they both knew it, but it helped to dream.





35 thoughts on “Dream Flight

  1. Dear Dee,

    It’s nice to dream, isn’t it? The camaraderie of these two friends comes through nicely.

    BTW as for the odd cake…not anymore. Although I’m going to make rose cupcakes for my son and DIL to be in October for their reception. 😉 Aside from that, if you want a decorated cake, find a bakery/

    Love your story. Sweet and simple.




    • Dear Rochelle

      For some reason this went into the ‘spam’ box and I have only just found it, so apologies for the late response. Given your present workload, I’m not surprised about the cakes, but I bet the cupcakes in October will be something else!

      I thoroughly enjoyed ‘Please Say Kaddish For Me’ – I cried and smiled in equal measure. I grew attached to the family, particularly admiring the spirit and determination of Havah and got very worried many times when I sensed something bad was about to happen. You produced a very vivid and believable portrayal of Jewish family life in some of the worst times imaginable. A huge well done, you should be so proud.

      Best wishes


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