Hope everyone is well.  I’ve managed to post something this week and it should get better in the next few weeks, as I’m about to retire from work…Yippee!  Thanks to Rochelle for the photo prompt this week and for always being here, despite her hectic schedule.

Copyright Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Copyright Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Genre: Fiction

Word Count: 100


Holding tightly to my grandmother’s hand, we crossed the river to the island in the middle.

The stepping-stones were slippery and we had to take great care, the water was very deep.

My mother didn’t like me going there. I think she worried about the deep water. Her father had taken her there sometimes, when he was home from the sea. I’d never met my grandfather; he left my grandmother years ago, no one mentioned him.

We had a picnic and picked some flowers which my grandmother threw into the river. I asked her why.

‘For remembrance,’ she said, smiling.


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31 thoughts on “Remembrance

    • Thanks Sandra. This was going to be very dark but didn’t quite end like that ! From what I hear from friends about retirement, I think you will probably be spot on


    • Dear Rochelle
      It wasn’t as sweet as it seemed.. had a problem with this tale as it was hard to get across what happened to grandpa without actually ‘telling’. I think I was a bit too obscure, but thank you as always for reading and taking the tie to comments. Hope book No.3 is coming along nicely.

      Best wishes


      • Dear Dee,

        Your comment prompted me to go for another read. Aaah. Grandpa left…but was it of his own volition? Am I getting warm?

        Book 3 is ebbing and flowing. Just when I think I know where I’m going with it, a character decides to reroute. Right now I’m wrestling with where the arc is. And on it goes.



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    • Stepping-stones always look inviting but they can be treacherous to cross. Grandpa didn’t have a say in the matter, just went with the flow… pardon the pun!
      Thanks for reading Liz.


  1. This sets up so many trails, any of which would lead to a great reason for the family’s mysterious behaviour. I love that. There is a definitely ominous undertone regarding the mother’s experience on the island. Enjoy retirement. I’m in my third month of it right now, and every morning I have to pinch myself when I wake up. It’s great.


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