Danger From Above

This was my post the first time round.  Sadly, similar scenes are still being played out and the lives of many children are in danger every day.  Thanks to Sandra and Rochelle for the re-run.

8 July 2016

Genre: Fiction

Word Count: 100

Danger From Above

The whitewashed walls reflected the sun’s glare. Alice adjusted her sunglasses.

Small stones skittered and bounced down a wall then, with a wail, a boy landed at her feet. He was small, dirty and frightened. Alice saw blood running down his left leg. She took off her rucksack, pulled out a bottle of water and some tissue.  She bathed his leg while he stared defiantly up at her. A battered car screeched to a halt, Alice stared in disbelief as the driver pulled out a gun. She screamed as a shot rang out. Pocketing his gun the boy hobbled away.

Thanks to Jan Morrill for the photograph and to Madison Woods for “Friday Fictioneers”. http://www.madison-woods.com/Wordpress/index-of-stories/101212-2/


19 thoughts on “Danger From Above

    • Thank you so much Kent and a smiley face back at you 🙂 Things have been a little difficult recently but getting better. So pleased Rochelle is doing ‘re-runs’ gives me a chance to take part when time is very limited. Great to hear from you.


      • Yeah, the purpose of the rerun idea is to let our authors do their projects and not feel pressured. It also, though, allows for the reposting of past content to let our newer folks see what we have been doing. Just like in TV, the summer reruns are for those who missed it the first time and gain a new audience. Miss you, Dee! We’ll all keep in touch.

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    • Dear Rochelle
      Thank you. It was a reflection on all the strange things that hit the headlines when the piece was written a couple of years ago – though sadly still holds true today. Hope you are well and nearly finished your editing/revisions, looking forward to reading the third book.

      Best wishes


    • Thank you Sandra, things have been a bit difficult recently but hopefully getting better. So glad of the re-runs at least I can post something! Hope all is good with you, nice to catch up 🙂

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    • Hi Dawn, no, the boy shot the man in the car. It was a post reflecting the unrest that hit the headlines of a couple of years, but sadly it;s still true today. Thanks for reading 🙂

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