Weathering Our Storm (2)

Thanks to Georgia Koch for the lovely photo for our prompt this week and to our intrepid Captain Rochelle for navigating our good ship Friday Fictioneers  through all kinds of seas.

(I love this photograph and am so grateful to Rochelle for using it as the re-run this week and I have posted my original story. At present my ship is a bit wobbly, due in part to OH not being well, but we will be back on course very soon).

24 January Georgia Koch

Copyright – Georgia Koch

Genre: Fiction

Word Count:100

Weathering Our Storm

Will you come with me, to Venice?’

An invitation to the place where we began would once have sent my heart soaring. Dare I allow it to do so again?

‘I’ll think about it, if that’s alright?’

Oh, the care we take with one another.   I couldn’t ride out the maelstrom of his affair.  I had to scream it out, to hit back verbally against the waves of pain and sadness that engulfed and threatened to overpower me.

But somehow the storm abated, he chose to stay. How ambitious we are, how determined to keep our precious ship afloat.



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38 thoughts on “Weathering Our Storm (2)

  1. This is a beautiful story Dee. The line “oh the care we take with each other” is so true of that tentative rebuilding of something that once was, but might not be again. I loved this. Hope you’re feeling better soon, Dee.

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    • Thank you Sandra, so pleased you liked this. Infidelity destroys lots of relationships, some manage to rebuild although never recapture what has been lost.


  2. This is wonderful, the unwillingness to let something go that has been built for so long, and the insecurity of hanging on just for old times’ sake comes through loud and clear. Maybe she can trust again, maybe if his regrets are true and it is the only affair.

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    • It is a huge gamble isn’t it, do you try again or cut the ties and move on? It would never work without forgiveness and I think she can forgive him. Thank you Gabriele for your thoughtful comments, always good to hear from you.

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  3. Genuine love definitely bears, believes, hopes and endures all things. Very true. The emotions here are awesomely expressed. You saw a metaphor and ran with it.

    Dee, always a pleasure to read your stories and gracious comments. Hope everything’s good on your end health wise and otherwise. Have a look at Rochelle and me on Youtube and see us performing a radio play for the writer’s conference! 🙂

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  4. Sorry to bother you, but what exactly is flash fiction? Am new to WordPress ( and am trying to find a new medium with which to write, do you have any recommendations?
    Many thanks,
    Julian Wiltsher


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