No Mention

Genre: Fiction

Word Count: 100

No Mention

The estate agent’s glossy brochure is very appealing. Family home, six bedrooms, five bathrooms, annexe suitable for student or older person, large gardens with summer house and various out-buildings.

No mention of the room at the top of the house.  The room with no windows. The room with thick carpets and sound proofed walls. The room with mirrors and wardrobes full of clothes – if those things could be called clothes. No mention of the camera or the screen with five padded chairs placed behind it.

I was fifteen when I was first taken there.

No mention of that either.

Good to be back, it’s been a while. Hope you’ve all been keeping well. Thanks to our Fairy Blogmother, our ever busy, very productive leader Rochelle.




33 thoughts on “No Mention

  1. Dear Dee,

    No mention of how much I’ve missed you. 😉 But I will mention what a powerful story you’ve written. We can only imagine through what you didn’t mention about that room. Well written as always.

    Shalom and welcome back,



    • Dear Rochelle,
      Thank you, missed you too.
      Glad you liked this, on the dark side, but that’s where the photo took me.
      It’s good to be back 🙂


  2. Not exactly selling point to include in a brochure unless you were marketing it as a tourist attraction. I’m sure there are plenty who would pay $10 to have a tour of the upstairs.


  3. Oooooh, that sent a shiver right down my spine. You have left exactly the right amount unsaid – it is impossible for the reader’s mind to start working overtime, wondering what happened to her there…whilst at the same time really not wanting to know! Well done


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