27 July 2018

Copyright – Ted Strutz


Word Count 100


It was nearly midnight when his body was discovered.

No-one had seen him arrive. The CCTV was scanned for hours; first one camera then the next and so on.

Sally, at the diner, thought she had seen him somewhere, sometime, but couldn’t remember where or when.

His face, nicely arranged for the TV cameras, was beamed out to the whole country on the network news channels.

‘That’s Joe’, Abe said, passing the bottle to Luis, while watching the huge TV in the shop across from their squat under the bridge.

‘Who Joe?’ asked Luis raising the bottle.

‘Dunno’, replied Abe.


Haven’t been around for quite a while, missed my fellow FFers.

Thanks to Ted Strutz for the inspiration this week and thanks as always to Rochelle, a Fairy Blogmother who never tires…


22 thoughts on “RIP Joe

    • Dear Rochelle,

      Thank you.

      Always good to hear from you, hope everything is good.

      There are so many homeless people here nowadays and you read such sad stories about them, just came to mind when I saw the prompt.

      Best wishes

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I can see this going a different way, if you’ll induge me in a little speculation. Perhaps Abe is only pretending not to know Joe. Perhaps Abe recognizes Joe because he’s the one who killed him.


  2. You convey clearly the way Joe was invisible to those around him. Your use of Sally’s testimony, that ‘she thought she’d seen him, somewhere, sometime, but couldn’t remember where or when’ is very telling – a good piece of writing technique. It’s a good issue to highlight, as austerity policies push more and more people into homelessness. Well written!


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