Copyright @ Anne Higa

Genre: Fiction

Word Count: 100


Daylight showed through the ill-fitting curtains. Annie saw it was snowing and the rubbish bin was still there.

On her way downstairs, she shouted to her husband, “Sam, are you awake? You forgot the bin. Again!

The headache she’d had all week was getting worse, there was pain behind her left eye too. She was annoyed about something, but couldn’t hold a thought in her head. A hand she didn’t recognise was shaking as it fumbled with the door.

Sam ran into the yard, “Annie, stop, I’ll do it now.”

Annie stopped, then fell to the ground, quietly, like the snow.


11 thoughts on “Falling

    • This followed a conversation with my husband who told me of something similar happening to a cousin. Just couldn’t get the thought out of my head. Tragic … thanks for reading.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. That’s an unexpected take on the picture. You tell it very well with the details about the bin and the little tiff with Sam for forgetting it. So sad that it was based on an actual event.


    • Dear Rochelle, I found it very difficult to get the story out of my head. Been quite a few ‘dark days’ recently … hope you are well

      Take care


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