The Supper Club

(Photo © Jennifer Pendergast)

Maria bought the food and wine and selected her best linen for the table.

Hugh said fish pie wasn’t a good idea, it was child’s food and messy, he preferred
steak. He changed the wine glasses, removed the flowers questioning why she
thought this club was a good idea.

The Supper Club attendees loved the meal and thanked them for an enjoyable evening
Hugh said they were patronising and steak would have been better.

Maria cleared away, smiling to herself. Hugh would have steak tomorrow
night, with the mushrooms she had found growing at the back of the garden.



12 thoughts on “The Supper Club

  1. I like how you intorducted a sinister streak. Are the mushrooms safe? The build up of Hugh’s character and behaviour suggests Maria knows exactly what she is planning. The mushrooms will go well with the steak.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Rochelle

      It’s been a while since I was here … hoping be back more often.
      Thank you for reading, leaving a comment and most of all for your continued support of all things FF

      Best wishes


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