Heavy goods vehicles get the blame

Spent all day at a conference on London, where we discussed the problems faced by the road transport industry in the current economic climate.  These are due mainly to the increase in fuel tax duty imposed by the Chancellor of the Exchequer, at a time when haulage operators were praying for a reduction!

Everyone it seems complains about the heavy goods vehicles on our roads, the drivers have no time to unload at shops in major cities before they are hit with a penalty charge.  Where do the people who make some of these rules and regulations buy their food. clothing, makeup, toiletries and the rest? They must go shopping sometime and how do they think the goods they want got onto the shelves – magic? 

There should be a lot more discussion between government, the environmental lobby and the vehicle operators to find a way forward that is fair and not just blame everything, from road congestion to emmissions, on the truck drivers.  After all, the commercial vehicles account for a small minority of the traffic on the roads today, there are far more cars ( usually with just one occupant) and vans than there are heavy vehicles.



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