Pink Friday

I was busy baking cakes last night for our “Pink Friday”.  Everyone has joined in and I arrived this morning to a kitchen filled with all kinds of goodies.  We have pink fairy cakes, pink muffins, pink and white marshmallow flumps, little battenburg cakes, even flapjacks with pink icing, lots of chocolates because there is never a good enough reason not to have them!

The guys are joining in too and although none of them have baked anything, they are wearing various items of pink clothing and paying for the privilege! Any vistors today, expecting to be met by our usual attractive receptionist, will instead be greeted by someone resembling the wicked witch from Snow White.  Except this “witch” is wearing a pink hat atop a mound of pink hair and has a nose that would do justice to some film company’s prosthetics department – I can honestly say I have never seen anything like it!  I think she decided to have her own Pink Halloween!

A pink witch

The day has gone well and all the cakes are sold.  Word went round the business park and people just called in and bought cakes and raffle tickets – just amazed at the generosity of strangers.  Everyone it seems is willing to support this worthy cause which is just brilliant, it restores your faith in human nature it really does!   So a big thank you to everyone for today, I am now going to have a glass of wine and relax. 

A few of the goodies from today

More cakes...A few cakes         


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