Thinking about comfort food

The winter has been unusually cold here, as a result I found I have been making more dishes that can only be described as comfort food.

Chilli con Carne – wonderfully warming

Bangers and mash – the best way to eat potatoes

Fish Pie – big chunks of tasty fish, creamy sauce and mashed potatoes again

Shepherd’s Pie – spicy tasty mince beef,  oh and mashed potatoes..

Macaroni Cheese – lovely pasta and tangy cheese

Lasagne – layers of creamy pasta and melted cheese

Sticky Toffee Pudding – my all time favourite pud especially with custard

My mouth is watering just writing about them

What are your favourites?


4 thoughts on “Thinking about comfort food

  1. Jam roly poly with real custard of course.

    Cold treacle tart – oh my word! With zest of lemon grated over and heaven can wait.

    Egg nests – a bed of rice and diced bacon, topped with halved free range hard boiled eggs, coated with Mrs Montgomery’s 18 month matured cheddar, put under the grill.

    Egg and bacon butties, early in the morning after a night of partying.


    • Yes I think it must!!
      And a jacket potato, with well cooked, dare I say crispy skin, with a slightly salted butter and black pepper; or tuna mayo with a hint of lemon, enough now……..


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