To tweet or not to tweet, that is the question……..

Why would you want to send out little tweets to people you don’t know and probably never will know, is it in the hope that you will get lots of followers and so think you are a mini celebrity?  Or is it that you are so frustrated with your life, that you want to invent a new you, that could be anything you wanted it to be. Or is it that you have things to say that need saying and Twitter is the only place you can get your voice heard? Whatever the reason, there are millions of twitterers out there, sending millions of tweets every hour.

I started tweeting a few months ago to see what it was all about and found, to my surprise, that within a few days a lot of people were following me.  I had no idea how this came about and still don’t, but then I found that I too was following people and I haven’t a clue how that works either.  Some of these people are just blatantly selling themselves or their business and it all seemed to be about self promotion. Not many want to comment on what’s happening in the world, if they aren’t telling me about what they can do, they seem quite happy to retweet others’ comments or links to articles in the press. 

 Perhaps I am missing the point, or expecting too much. I do exchange regular tweets with some great people who are in the same time zone as me.  We send tweets on all sort of things, but the time difference means I miss a lot of what happens from my followers and followees on the other side of the world.  That said, I have found that even though I am not sure how it all happens, I do enjoy tweeting and probably that’s what it is all about, so I shall carry on and hopefully one day I will find out how it all works


2 thoughts on “To tweet or not to tweet, that is the question……..

  1. Although I started a twittering to see if it could promote my business [which it did very successfully], it is no longer about that.

    It is the engagement, albeit in 140 character micro slices, with a more diverse group of people than anywhere else. [Still recall engaging with a fervent eco warrior in San Francisco, who changed my perspective over the course of an hour’s frantic thumb activity].

    Some of those early twitterings have led to to some real friendships. Business is still being generated by Twitter but surely engagement and friendship, advice and fun are more important than business?


    • Anthony – I have to agree with you. In the early days most of my followers seemed to be just promoting their business activities using twitter as a fantastic marketing tool. After a few months however, I find a more friendly interaction taking place, obviously as people get to know one another, offer advice and discuss things that matter to them. It is more fun and has become more enjoyable. Thank you for taking the time to add your comment, look forward to hearing from you again.


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