Weekly photo challenge…..Opportunity

Life’s all about taking opportunities when they arise, here are a few I’ve seen.

Coliseum Rome, taking a break….

Hitching a ride……..

and finally, my missed opportunity to photograph a whale, he’s now just the dark shape in the middle of the photo


16 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge…..Opportunity

    • Thank you.
      The little hitchhiker was so funny, he kept lifting one foot then the other as he floated along, obviously very cold, but couldn’t be bothered to fly off!!


    • Yes I was so annoyed with myself for missing him, watched for ages then realised I had better take a shot and – splish he had gone. We could see him under the water for a long time, then he disappeared . I enjoy sharing my photos and love seeing everyone else’s too. Blogging is a great way to share don’t you think?


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