Coffee Lovers

Inspiration for Friday Fictioneers  from Rochelle Wisoff-Fields this week, is this photo by the artist Jean Hays. The lovely stained glass window is her work.

My sister had a coffee shop years ago, this photo made me think of it and the times I used to help out  – and people watch.

Photo Jean L Hays

Photo Jean L Hays

The smell of freshly roasted coffee wafts out into the street.

Jess sets out the freshly baked pastries, homemade chocolates, packs of ground coffee and waits.

First as usual, ‘Ms Skinny Latte with an Extra Shot’ and ‘Mr Double Espresso with a Cinnamon Bun’, (they’re getting closer). Then later, ‘Mrs Cappuccino’ and ‘Mrs No Coffee for Me’ who eats almond Danish like they are going out of fashion.

After the morning rush, she realises that two regulars were missing – ‘Mr Macchiato’ and ‘Mrs Flat White’…

Jess smiles, it was only a matter of time.


26 thoughts on “Coffee Lovers

  1. very well done. however, i think you can do better than to use “going out of fashion.” that’s been used and overused. you can make up your own. that’s our job.


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