Light blue touchpaper…

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photo courtesy of Lora Mitchell

Twenty five cards are lined up on the mantelpiece. My daughter is smiling as she pours drinks for everyone, pleased so many have thought of her today.

The party moves outside where boyfriend Dan is busy lining up rockets, fixing Catherine wheels to posts, balancing Roman candles along the flat bit of the fence. He is grinning. He organised this dual ‘event’.

I stand watching the bonfire being lit, the rockets launched into the night sky, Dan’s big red face. He should take care.

I hadn’t known you could buy ‘Divorce’ cards and on reflection, I preferred Guy.

(100 words)



29 thoughts on “Light blue touchpaper…

  1. You can tell I’m not British as I had to look up “touchpaper.” But it looks to me as if there are going to be more fireworks than those Dan’s getting ready to ignite. My question, though, is–whose boyfriend is Dan? At first read, I thought the daughter’s, then decided the narrator’s. Sounds like trouble no matter the answer, though.


    • Yes your first impression was right, Dan is the daughter’s boyfriend.
      After posting this story, it occurred to me that “Guy Fawkes Night” is a British thing, but other countries do have ‘Bonfire Nights’ so I hoped the story would still stack up.
      Thanks as always for your comment


  2. Interesting take on the prompt. the mother speaks out of concern, intuition and experience. I’d listen to her, but then again I am not her love struck daughter.


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